Listings under Departments/Ministries- Nepal Government

Name Address Views
Administrative Court Singha Durbar 1437
Agricultural Botany Division Khumaltar 1046
Agricultural Produce Market Management Committee Pokhara 1057
Agronomy Division Khumaltar 1055
Animal Health Research Division Khumaltar 1067
Appellate Court Bhansar Road 970
Appellate Court Dhanusha 1037
Appellate Court Ilam 1069
Appellate Court Rajbiraj 951
Appellate Court Surkhet 1069
Appellate Court Harihar Bhawan 1059
Appellate Court Biratnagar 1088
Appellate Court Hetauda 1100
Appellate Court Pokhara 993
Appellate Court Butwal 1003
Aviation Safety Department Sinamangal 1011
Bhairahawa Lumbini Groundwater Project Siddhartha Nagar 1240
Cabinet Secretariat Singha Durbar 1326
Center for Agricultural Training Center (CATC) Harihar Bhawan 991
Central Bureau of Statistics Thapathali 1054
Central Conservation Lab for Cultural Heritage Lalitpur 982
Central Passport Office Durbarmarg 1084
Central Region Directorate Min Bhawan 954
Centre for Applied Science & Technology (RECAST) Kirtipur 895
Centre for Economic Development & Administration (CEDA) T.U. Kirtipur 985
Chatara Irrigation Office Biratnagar 980
Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Babarmahal 1097
Civil Aviation Office Biratnagar 969
Civil Service Personnel Records Pulchowk 1150
Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority Tangal 1031
Communication & Navigation Project Sinamangal 952
Cooperative Training Centre New Baneshwor 1084
Curriculum Development Centre Sanothimi 2540
Custom Supervision Office Biratnagar 948
Customs Office Biratnagar 1080
Dallu Land Pooling Project Dallu 1193
Defense Account Controller's Office Sundhara 1146
Department of Agriculture Hariharbhawan 1058
Department of Archaeology Ramshah Path 1069
Department of Ayurved, Singh Durbar Baidhyakhana Dev. Singh Durbar 1170
Department of Ayurveda Teku 1088
Department of Botany Thapathali 1042
Department of Co-operative Development Jawalakhel 931
Department of Commerce Babarmahal 968
Department of Community Medicine Mahrajgunj 928
Department of Cooperatives New Baneshwor 1202
Department of Cottage & Small Industries Tripureshwor 949
Department of Cottage & Small Industry, District Office Bhaktapur 922
Department of Customs Tripureshwor 849
Department of Drinking Water & Sewerage Panipokhari 735
Department of Drug Administration Bijulibazar 684
Department of Drug Administration Branch Biratnagar 604
Department of Drug Administration Branch Birgunj 631
Department of Drug Administration Branch Nepalgunj 637
Department of Education Sanothimi 651
Department of Education (DoE) Sanothimi 651
Department of Electricity Development Anamnagar 658
Department of Food Technology and Quality Control Babar Mahal 762
Department of Foreign Employment Baneshwor 674
Department of Forest Babar Mahal 644
Department of Forest, Research & Suvey Babar Mahal 601
Department of Health Services Teku 668
Department of Hospitality Maharajgunj 622
Department of Hydrology & Meteorology Babar Mahal 658
Department of Immigration Maitighar 708
Department of Immigration Pokhara 643
Department of Immigration Bhrikutimandap 715
Department of Industries Tripureshwor 643
Department of Industries Biratnagar 635
Department of Information Tilganga 640
Department of Infrastructure Development Office Salleri, Solukhumbu 673
Department of Inland Revenue Lazimpat 767
Department of Internal Revenue Lazimpat 725
Department of Irrigation (Planning, Design & Monitoring Evaluation Division Jawalakhel 627
Department of Labour New Baneshwor 822
Department of Land Reform and Management Babar Mahal 740
Department of Livestock Service Harihar Bhawan 657
Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agriculture Roads Jawalakhel 668
Department of Mines & Geology Lainchaur 617
Department of National Loan Thapathali 653
Department of National Parks & Wildlife Conservation Babar Mahal 622
Department of Post Office Babarmahal 612
Department of Postal Service Bhaktapur 607
Department of Postal Service Lalitpur 668
Department of Postal Service Dillibazar 641
Department of Printing & Publication Singha Durbar 623
Department of Prison Management Kalikasthan 1049
Department of Roads Mechanical Office 667
Department of Roads Bishalnagar 666
Department of Roads Biratnagar 629
Department of Roads Babar Mahal 617
Department of Roads, Divisional Road Office Harihar Bhawan 603
Department of Seminar & Conference Singha Durbar 613
Department of Soil Conservation & Watershed Management Babarmahal 575
Department of Survey Min Bhawan 718
Department of Tax Lazimpat 635
Department of Transport Management Babar Mahal 635
Department of Urban Development and Building Construction Babar Mahal 836
Department of Water Supply and Sewerage Panipokhari 734
Dept. of Health, Child Health Division Teku 894
Dept. of Health, Epidemiology & Disease Control Division Teku 3112
Dept. of Health, Family Health Division Teku 616
Dept. of Health, Leprosy Control Division Teku 788
Dept. of Health, National Health Training Center Teku 637
Dept. of Health, National Public Health Laboratory Teku 629
Dept. of Health, Saarc T.B. Centre Bhaktapur 613
Directorate of Fisheries Development (DOFD) Balaju 914
District Administration Office Babarmahal 654
District Administration Office Biratnagar 582
District Agriculture Office Koshi Project 772
District Co-operative Office Dharan Road 650
District Co-operative Office Shanihat 1192
District Court Biratnagar 675
District Development Agency's Office Kalikot 626
District Development Committee Mustang 557
District Development Committee Manbhawan 601
District Development Committee Biratnagar 568
District Development Committee Tinpaini 614
District Development Committee Makawanpur 583
District Development Directorate Bank Road 662
District Education Office Bajura 621
District Education Office Biratnagar 673
District Education Office Hetauda 616
District Education Office Sarlahi 715
District Irrigation Office Biratnagar 868
District Irrigation Office Hetauda 670
District Jail Branch Biratnagar 630
District Land Reform office Hari Kunja Road 817
District Sajha Sangh Ltd. Kanti Raj Path 631
District Water Supply Office Bhaktapur 623
Drug Research Laboratory (DRL) Bijulibazar 598
Eastern Reg. Irrigation Directorate Biratnagar 626
Eastern Region Education Directorate Tintoliya 560
Eastern Regional Postal Directorate Panchali 607
Education Sector Advisory Team (ESAT) /Danida Keshar Mahal 918
Election Commission Kantipath 623
Election Commission Singha Durbar 642
Enhanced Vocational Education & Training Project Subidhanagar 615
Environment Sector Programme Support (ESPS) Singha Durbar 678
Examination Controller Office Sano Thimi 626
Far Western Regional Health Directorate Dipayal 801
Foreign Employment Promotion Board Anamnagar 919
Forest Office Biratnagar 646
Forestry Directorate Office Hari Kunja Road 601
Forestry Office Biratnagar 621
Geotic Survey Department New Baneswor 627
Ground Water Resources Development Board Babar Mahal 591
Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square Conservation Program Basantapur 705
Hetauda City Develop Committee Hetauda 597
Higher Secondary Education Board Sanothimi 1164
Hill Agriculture Research Project Singha Durbar 595
Horticulture Center Kirtipur 729
House of Representative Singha Durbar 649
Industrial Districts Management Ltd. Balaju Ind. District 663
Industrial Enterprise Development Institute (IEDI) Tripureshwor 643
Industrial Entomology Division Harihar Bhawan 602
Institute of Foreign Affairs Tripureshwor 641
Irrigation, Environment & Mechanical Management Division Jawalakhel 785
Janak Education Material Centre Ltd. Sanothimi 793
Janak Educational Material Centre Sanothimi 648
Judicial Service Training Center Babarmahal 680
Kathmandu District Court Babarmahal 659
Kathmandu Sports Development Committee Sano Gaucharan 636
Kathmandu Valley Town Development Committee Anamnagar 594
Kitta Napi Mahasakha, Survey Department New Baneswor 1155
Lalitpur Survey Branch Mahapal 629
Land Tax Office Sano Pokhara 671
Landless Problem Resolution Commission Hetauda 599
Law Reforms Commission Singhadurbar 596
Madhyamanchal Chhetriya Napi Hetauda 809
Mahakali Irrigation Project Mahendranagar 637
Makawanpur District Court Hetauda 642
Malpot Karyalaya Kathmandu Chabahil 4351
Marketing Development Direction Lalitpur 604
Melamchi Water Supply Development Board Baneshwor 579
Mid Western Regional Health Directorate Surkhet 618
Ministry For Women, Children & Social Welfare Singha Durbar 625
Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperatives (Monitoring & Evaluation Division) Fertilizer Unit 653
Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Singh Durbar 743
Ministry of Agriculture, Dept. of Livestock Services Harihar Bhawan 605
Ministry of Commerce & Supplies Singha Durbar 598
Ministry of Culture & State Restructuring Singha Durbar 728
Ministry of Defense Singha Durbar 650
MInistry of Education Kesharmahal 674
Ministry of Energy Singh Durbar 790
Ministry of Environment Singha Durbar 643
Ministry of Federal Affairs, Parliamentary Affairs, Constituent Assembly and Culture Singh Durbar 781
Ministry of Finance Singha Durbar 639
Ministry of Finance, Inland Revenue Department Kamaladi 626
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Durbar Marg 651
Ministry of Forest & Soil Conservation Singha Durbar 575
Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation Singha Durbar 624
Ministry of General Administration Singha Durbar 636
Ministry of Health and Population Singha Durbar 628
Ministry of Health, National AIDS & STD Control Center Teku 603
Ministry of Health, Policy Planning & Foreign Aid Division Ramshah Path 608
Ministry of Home Singha Durbar 644
Ministry of Home Affairs Singh Durbar 714
Ministry of Home, Disaster Relief Section Singha Durbar 608
Ministry of Home, Law & Order Section Singha Durbar 548
Ministry of Industry Singha Durbar 686
Ministry of Information & Communication Singha Durbar 588
Ministry of Irrigation Singh Durbar 737
Ministry of Labour & Transportation Management Singha Durbar 613
Ministry of Land Reforms & Management Singha Durbar 654
Ministry of Law, Justice & Constituent Assembly Singha Durbar 607
Ministry of Local Development Pulchowk 636
Ministry of Peace & Reconstruction Singha Durbar 633
Ministry of Physical, Planning & Works Singha Durbar 615
Ministry of Population & Environment Singha Durbar 557
Ministry of Science & Technology Singha Durbar 586
Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Kathmandu 713
Ministry of Water Resources Singa Durbar 636
Ministry of Women, Children & Social Welfare Lainchour 603
Ministry of Youth & Sports Kamalpokhari 625
Monument Maintenance & Palace Look After Bhaktapur 581
National Centre for Education Development Sanothimi 730
National Dalit Commission Thapathali 592
National Dalit Committee Mid Baneshwor 642
National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities Sanepa 587
National Health Education, Information & Communication Center Teku 616
National Human Right Commission Bargachi 522
National Human Right Commission Baidam 548
National Human Right Commission Bakegaun 554
National Human Right Commission Ratopool, Dhangadhi 581
National Human Right Commission Dhanusha 525
National Human Right Commission Butwal 521
National Human Rights Commission Harihar Bhawan 575
National Information Technology Center Singh Durbar 765
National Investigation Department Sano Pokhara 794
National Planning Commission Singha Durbar 635
National Planning Commission Secretariat, Singh Durbar Administration Section 573
National Productivity & Economic Development Centre Ltd. Balaju 592
National Vigilance Centre Anamnagar 652
Nepal Agricultural Research Council Singha Durbar 573
Nepal Bureau of Standard & Meteorology Balaju 1294
Nepal Bureau of Standards & Metrology Balaju 617
Nepal Film Development Board Thapathali 636
Nepal Inter Model Transport Development Board Babarmahal 571
Nepal Irrigation Sector Project Pulchowk 602
Nepal Law Commission Singhadurbar 1211
Nepal Mountain Academy Bijulibajzar 334
Nepal Pharmacy Council Bilulibazar 680
Nepal Rastriya Bank Taksar Department Sundhara 2027
Occupational Safety & Health Project Lalitpur 564
Office of Civil Service Records Harihar Bhawan 596
Office of the Attorney General of the Kingdom of Nepal Ramshah Path 574
Office of the Company Registrar Tripureshwor 659
Office of the Election Commission Durbarmarg 588
Office of the Election Commission, Administration Durbarmarg 583
Office of the Election Commission, Chief Election Durbarmarg 554
Office of the Election Commission, Sector Durbar Marg 579
Office of the Election Commission, Store Durbarmarg 566
Office of the Finance Comptroller General Anamnagar 659
Office of the Prime Minister & Council of Minister Singha Durbar 550
Office of The Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Singh Durbar 662
Parliament Secretariat Singha Durbar 613
Petroleum Exploration Promotion Project Lainchaur 611
Plant Protection Directorate, MOAC Harihar Bhawan 667
Police Headquarters Naxal 668
Post Harvest Loss Reduction Division Pulchowk 665
Poverty Alleviation Fund Gyaneshwor 606
Principal Press Secretariat/Royal Palace Kalopul 801
Public Service Commission Anamnagar 639
Rastriya Shava Singha Durbar 639
Regional Directorate of Education Sinamangal 688
Regional Plant Protection Lab, Dept. of Agriculture Harihar Bhawan 633
Revenue Training Centre Pulchowk 756
Road Maintenance & Development Project Babarmahal 623
Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Project Butwal 642
School Health & Nutrition Project Teku 717
Small Towns Water Supply & Sanitation Project Panipokhari 635
Solid Waste Management & Resources Mobilization Centre Pulchowk 650
Survey Department Minbhawan 658
Tax Office Biratnagar 746
Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Program (TRPAP) Bhrikutimandap 616
Tourism Industry Division Exhibition Road 618
Tribhuvan Int'l Airport Civil Aviation Authority Airport 649
Tribhuvan International Airport Airport 693
Tribhuvan International Airport Customs Office Airport 712
Vat Office Biratnagar 1102
Vocational and Skill Development Training Center Bhainsepati 713
Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS) Singh Durbar 674
Water Energy Commision Secretariat Singha Durbar 595
Western Region Irrigation Directorate Birendranagar 648
Western Regional Health Directorate Pokhara 624
Zonal Transport Management Office Babar Mahal 623