Nepalese Women Handicrafts

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Listing Name : Nepalese Women Handicrafts
Description : The Nepalese Women Handicraft has always aimed to employ women who are most in need. Certain criteria were established from the very start, and the primary objective of the organization is still to provide handicraft-related skills training to poor, unfortunate Nepalese women so that they may become self-supportive. The women being trained at the Nepalese Women Skill Development Project come from a variety of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. Many of them come from rural villages and are widowed, divorced, disabled or abused; some have been cast out from their homes and villages. After arriving at the Nepalese Women Skill Project, they are provided training in the following disciplines: material cutting, sewing, weaving, dying, business management and various other skills related to handicraft production. There have also been some classes in health awareness and English language, all freely provided by local and foreign volunteers. Thanks to years of hard work and dedication to their craft, the Nepalese Women Handicraft has been able to provide the vocational skills necessary to become self-reliant.
Address : Thamel
City : Kathmandu
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